Attempt #1

This is it… My first real post *wipes tear/sends Snap to commemorate the moment/cries again*

Hey again 🙂 This week I started my spring semester of my junior year and, while I appreciate being out of the Arctic Blast in Pittsburgh, the weather is crazy here. Going from the 50s to the 70s and sun to torrential downpours all on the same day is something I will never get used to.










Top: Simple white button up from the Banana Republic outlet. Vest: On my way to the airport we stopped at Sam’s Club and I found this super cute Green Tea vest. They had blue, green, and purple too, but orange called to me. It is sherpa and SOO soft. Pants: Bought these Levis from one of my sorority sisters. They are cropped and frayed on the bottom but do not have rips in them so I can wear them to work (YAY). Shoes: I got these super cute Tommy Hilfiger slip-on shoes for Christmas. When we bought them we only saw the right foot T, so I did not realize until Christmas day there was an H on the left, but I still LOVE them.











It was supposed to rain so I was all excited to wear my new rain boots… and it was in the 70s and sunny. There’s Gainesville for you. Top: Boys section of the Ralph Lauren outlets in like the 10th grade of high school. But I haven’t found a plaid that has a better print. Also, peep the mesh from this new adorable bra from VS. Way cuter than a cami. Skirt: Just a suede skirt from Forever21. Shoes: Love me some rain boots. Got these with the vest from Sam’s Club run above. Red is such a cute color for these boots.










I’m boujie. I can’t help it. Jacket: Metallic silver activewear jacket from VS during their semi-annual sale. Top: $5 at H&M (before the controversy). I will say that this is a very thin material and it is not a friend to sweat which I did a lot of while wearing the jacket. Bottom: I have been looking for some party pants and I think I found them. These are jeans with faux pearl details on the rolled cuff. Bought on sale from Zara. Shoes: They’re furry and platform! Also from Zara.












I thought I would never wear this jacket to exercise and I surprised myself that very same night. Jacket: Same as the one I wore earlier in the day. Turns out it’s very versatile. Top: Sports bra from VS but super cute crossing detail. Pants: Leggings with the Pittsburgh skyline and mesh along the sides. Funny story: I saw a girl at Target with these and told her how much I adored them. She told me she couldn’t remember where she got them from. Next week, saw them at the Pittsburgh apparel stand in the middle of the mall. So Hmphf. Shoes: These poor Adidas were a great buy but have gone through too many game days. They deserve some time in the wash.


day4 (1)


I woke up feeling really lazy but I had work later in the day so I couldn’t wear shorts or leggings. I picked this out in a rush because, surprise, I was running late to class. I also walked out of work at 5 o’clock and it was pouring. My poor shoes didn’t make the walk back dry. In fact, they are still drying. Jacket: Marshalls or TJMaxx??? It’s suede and so soft and comfy… like a sweatshirt but not at all. Dress: Under $10 on the Banana Republic sale rack. Shoes: Old Navy!!! Possibly the only pair of actual flats I own so very reliable.










I only have one class and woke up again feeling lazy. To try and not let what happened to myself the day before I wore rainboots. And it actually rained. Jacket: This is a sun jacket I bought freshman year to protect my skin in the Bahamas. Has SPF but is not waterproof so that was definitely not the correct choice to make. Top/Bottom: I love a good romper. This one I got from the Platos in Gainesville. It’s like fleece/super soft/sweatshirt material but also super cute, like that back detail! Shoes: Lucky brand ankle rainboots with raindrops.











It’s Slly Week so I had to go out for my, likely, only time this semester. And go big or go home amiright? I was a little apprehensive about this look but it got rave reviews from my ladies. Top: Mesh bodysuit from Zara. Bottoms: Super cute jeans with a black/white side detail. Shoes: Studded platforms from Asos for $16. I was feeling edgy tonight.

That’s it for this week! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post. Let me know what other kinds of things you want me to talk about.

Much love,


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