Blizzard Week in Florida

What a week! I got so much love from everyone for my first post. It honestly warmed my heart so much.

This was an interestingly cold week in Gainesville so I think I will post a shorter post about my favorite/go-to makeup later today/tomorrow to make up for what my outfits lacked this week. When it’s cold, all I can think about is fuzzy warmth, so my creativity in picking out my outfits for the week really sucked. Literally, I would wake up and consider if it would be acceptable to wear my fleece robe outside. My eyes would only make contact with soft items. There was no potential.



Before I start, look how cute this picture is. A photographer took it when I went out last week. I feel a little famous.




Two of my sisters and I decided to go to Savannah, GA for the day. We are pretty busy girls and wanted some time away together before we start living in the library full-time. It was a very spur of the moment decision and once we got there and had no schedule planned for the day, we realized we could have made better choices. I am not one usually for spontaneity but it added to the adventure of it and we had a blast being tourists.

See us below in our matching sweatshirts.










Jacket: Clearance rack from Old Navy. Top: Either Marshalls or TJMaxx. I honestly can never remember but they’re both great. Bottom: These pants are honestly to die for. I have never received so many compliments on anything in my entire life. Zara is the place to go for COOL jeans. Shoes: Apparently, I am really into metallic right now (If you didn’t see my post from last week, I wore a metallic silver work out jacket). I have been wanting a pair of shoes with fluffy poms and they were less than $15 from Asos!


Picture this… I sign up for a 1K (yes, 0.62 miles) last Monday. Friday, I actually go to the gym in my apartment to train. I ran over a mile. Not only was it a miracle but I was so sore the next day. As I said above, I was in Savannah on Sunday which involved A LOT of walking thanks to my lovely friend, Christi, who is directionally challenged. Back to the point, I overslept this 1K I signed up for which was at 1 pm. As you can imagine, there was no point in getting dressed after that failure.













This was unexpectedly the warmest day of the week so I was a little overprepared for the day. Top: Chenille sweater from Forever 21. Flannel from Old Navy (Side note: Starbucks had yellow sleeves for their cups for their new Blonde whatever and it was a beautiful accessory to the yellow stripe on my shirt. Bottom: Fleece lined black leggings from either Sam’s Club or Costco. SO warm, too warm that day. Shoes: Black riding boots I got on Black Friday at Macy’s a couple years ago.  Can’t forget to mention my Dance Marathon hat because FTK!!!!











Jacket: This long velvet cardigan gives me life. I can’t wait to put some more outfits together when it gets a little bit warmer. Top: Ruffles and Lavender/(Lilac?), a wonderful combination. Bottom: Overalls from (the) Gap Shoe: my go-to basic shoe –> The Adidas.




I WOKE UP AND IT WAS 23 DEGREES. IN FLORIDA. 100 % unacceptable and 100 % miserable. Jacket: North Face vest from Marshalls. Again, super fuzzy. Top: Thin turtleneck from Old Navy. Bottom: Rust corduroy from (the) Gap. Shoes: My fuzzy Sperry duck boots save my toes when it is cold. This was a 13 hour day for me and I was so happy to finally get back to my apartment and crawl into bed with my robe.

I think my thing may be to take my Thursday pictures in the mirror at work.












Seeing the high was almost 60 degrees, I went all out today. Jacket: Velvet oversized blazer from Forever21. Top: Simple blue shirt with a keyhole detail from Marshalls. Bottom: I stole these jeans from my sister (Sorry, El!) Shoes: Loafers from TJMaxx. Also, excuse the hanger I somehow stomped all over when trying to take my pictures and didn’t notice.

PS: I’m sorry I talk about the weather so much. I LOVE talking about the weather.

Much love,


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