Better Late Than Never

It’s late I know… I spent all of Saturday cleaning and then when I went to finish writing I had a migraine. In the wise words of my girl, Ally, “I’M DOING MY BEST, SWEATY”.








What are the best days? The ones where we celebrate women. While I try to do this every day, not everyone in this society agrees, so we need a day designated for it. Anyway, it was lovely. Listening to empowering women empower women and marching down University Ave. was incredibly inspiring. Top: Blue cropped sweatshirt with FEMALE across the front from ASOS. Bottom: Pink tye-dye skirt from Forever 21. Hopefully, not pictured, the red sauce I got on my skirt from my breakfast burrito. Shoes: Silver metallic platforms from ASOS. Was I crazy to wear platform shoes to a march? Possibly, but they are actually so easy to walk in it was NBD. I wish I got a picture of my makeup because it was great. Glitter on my eyelids and everything.











It was truly a beautiful day and I was so happy to bare my legs. Jacket: (the) Gap jean jacket. Top: Khaki cow-necked and sleeveless top from Forever 21. I wasn’t sure about this buy, initially, but it is a thin sweater material and so cute on. Bottom: Orange high waisted skirt from the Banana Republic outlet. Shoes: I bought these over the summer because I stupidly didn’t bring any cute heels home from school. I was going on a night out with one of my girlies and found these at TJMaxx. The heels are a woven white, brown and black print. I love them.



I missed home so I had to include Pittsburgh in some way. Top: Simple white cropped top with the, very in, cross detailing in the front. Bottom: High waisted black jean shorts from American Eagle. I thought it was going to be hot today. Guess what, it wasn’t. Shoes: Yes, my socks say “I’M KIND OF A BIG DILL” because you know what, I am. Can’t forget my handy dandy Adidas.










The pictures of this do not do this outfit justice. It was so cute and everyone loved it. Jacket: my favorite jean jacket that is (the) Gap brand. Top: Caramel t-shirt from Forever 21. Bottoms: High waisted green velvet pants from Forever 21.  Shoes: Pink platform sandals from ASOS.

Bonus: I was in a Stroll Off for Sigma Lambda Beta’s Philanthropy. Let me tell you since the 10th grade this has been a dream of mine. We didn’t win or anything but it was so much fun and I wish I could do it all the time. Here are some pics! I’m the one that looks like me (AKA the one that looks the most uncoordinated and lacking any rhythm).

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 12.28.11 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 12.21.34 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-28 at 12.20.58 AM













(Anthony Moreira Photography)



I wanted to wear this sweater so, naturally, my whole outfit became much too complicated. Jacket: a black blazer with flared sleeves from Forever 21. Top: Cropped red and blue stripes sweater with flared sleeves. Bottom: Black high waisted jeans from (the) Gap. Shoes: Black chunky heels from ASOS. Very cute, but are not meant to be walked in from my apartment to the Physics building to work. My feet have been very sad with me.




My only class was canceled so you can bet I looked like a bum for most of the day. BUT, my lovely friend, Ally, convinced me to go to Sephora with her to get ONLY THREE THINGS. Yeah, right. We decided we needed to treat our bodies… so we got face masks and hair masks. And then, I passed by a stand with these water bottles and I needed it. Picture below but it’s so cool looking. And then, I passed by a stand with this moisturizing watermelon sleep mask. It smelled so wonderful, I needed that too. Just tried it for the first time last night and I woke this morning with such soft skin. I cannot wait to add this to my weekly routine. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.20.02 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.19.34 PM








School is really starting to take off. If I get a little lazy, I am sorry ahead of time. Hopefully, I can make the grades and “stunt” (Do the kids still use the word? Did they ever use this word??) while doing it too.

Much love,



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